A solid yoga practice is the ultimate foundation of any well balanced training regimen. There are many different styles of yoga, but ultimately at its’ core, yoga is nothing more than combining the mind with a movement through the breath. The benefits of this style of exercise will enhance range of motion through the wrist, shoulder, hip, and ankle joints; promote stability through the knee and elbow joints; increase mindfulness of muscle engagement during specific athletic movements; promote increased balance and strength through deeper ranges of motion, and increase body awareness and control in space. In athletics it could be the difference between tip toeing down the sideline for a 60 yard touchdown or stepping out of bounds after only 10 yards. It could also be the difference in landing awkwardly and tearing an ACL or being able to withstand the force of the awkward land. While lifting weights and running sprints add muscle mass and explosive power of the muscles, many times the muscles become too large and the joints are not able to handle the additional stress being placed on them, which leads to chronic joint deterioration. Through focused and powerful breath yoga poses can help tight muscles regain their full activation potential which leads to more forceful and explosive muscle contractions (ie sprint fast, jump higher). The best thing about yoga is that it can be maintained throughout the entire year, as it does not wear and tear the body down like lifting and sprinting do, but it can actually maintain current strength levels during the in season of the sport, instead of stopping working out totally and losing strength and power. Several big time athletes currently practicing yoga in season and off season include Lebron James, Tom Brady, Russell Wilson, Giancarlo Stanton, and Evan Longoria.

Yoga Therapy is included in most of Team 3 training packages for all athletes

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Monthly Rates: Contact Instructor, Brandon Thomas

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