• Team 3 Sports has proven time and time again that our sports performance training works at the highest level for all athletes. We offer speed and agility, team training, personal training, and sports specific skills training for football, baseball, basketball, volleyball, track, wrestling, softball, golf, swimming, tennis, speed and agility, powerlifting and more in the Georgia area.
  • The Team 3 staff have helped athletes of all ages to reach their personal goals.Team 3 provides sports performance training for kids preparing for a school team, as well as high school athletes striving to increase strength, speed and agility. Team 3 Sports also works with college athletes helping them move up to the next level and National Football League & Major League Baseball Players working to maintain the conditioning necessary to be the world's best.·

Football Position Training

Strength and speed are both very important to becoming a great football player, but one must know HOW TO PLAY THE POSITION!

Team 3 Sports has trainers for the following positions for Position Specific Skills Training

Running Backs, Wide Receivers, Defensive Backs, Line Backers, Offensive Lineman, Defensive Lineman, Quarterbacks

Baseball Hitting and Pitching Lessons

Packages combining speed and strength training available.


Why Choose Team 3?

1) Each athlete will be assisted in creating their profile on to aid in the recruiting process.

2) Testing Protocols: Each athlete is initially tested to see what is their max of all major lifts and their 40m/60m time. Following the initial test, each athlete will be tested to monitor their growth and improvement every 6-8 weeks. All juniors and seniors major lift maxes and 40/60m will be recorded once at a certain level in order for athletes/parents to upload on or send to prospective schools.

3) College Tours: Team 3 takes semi-annual college tours each year with its high school student-athletes to give athletes an opportunity to see some other options. *extra fee

4) Summer Showcase Camps: Team 3 selects showcase camps in the summer for its football players to attend to better position themselves to be seen by various recruiters from all levels from Div I-III. *extra fee

5) No Registration for Team 3 Camps!...You get it FREE!

6) Assistance in Recruiting: Team 3 staff will contact the athlete’s top 5 college choices via phone and mail to aid in the recruiting process. The letter will include any highlight videos created by the parent of games and the videos of the athletes’ testing of their max lifts and speed. (Team 3 has a videographer that we can put parents in contact with to record highlights at games and/or professionally edit your recordings. Team 3 has a special rate for our athletes with JustPhotography).

7) We Care: What makes our benefit package complete is that we truly do care. We care about each and every one of our athletes and want to see them excel both on and off the field/court. We are here to help our parents however we can to obtain scholarships for their athlete.

Team 3 Sports Training