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Welcome to Team 3 Sports and Fitness!!!

***All Athletes are Created Equal, but some TRAIN HARDER with TEAM 3 in the OFF-SEASON***



Team 3 Sports and  Fitness  specializes in sports training for ages 6 through adults. With an emphasis on speed, agility, strength improvement, and explosive training techniques, Team 3 has designed training programs that will yield major results on the playing field and court. If it is the fundamentals that are needed such as proper running form and technique, proper warm up to prevent injury,or an increase in flexibilit, we can give that. We assess our athletes and listen to the parents of our athletes to learn what is needed.

Team 3 trainers are dedicated to our athletes as a whole individual and take semi-annual college campus tours with our youth ages 14 and up to encourage and foster forward thinking of their college education. Team 3 trainers have over 30 years of experience training athletes and the general public from beginners to professional athletes and are ready to take you to THE NEXT LEVEL!

Team 3 Adult Fitness Training  offers a variety of training methods to keep the body guessing to burn more fat and build stronger, leaner muscles! Team 3 offers 1-on-1 Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training and a Fitness Boot Camp. Many people reach plateaus because of routine workouts…We Keep Your Body Guessing!!!   We know you want RESULTS and WE DELIVER THEM!!!


Reasons to Call or Stop in TODAY?!?

-Certified Fitness Instructors

-Challenging and Exciting

-Nutrition Meal Plan

-12,000sq ft Indoor Training

-45 yds Spiked Turf

-Indoor Batting Cages w/ real baseball dirt

-Fully Equipped, Commercial Facility

-Effective Strength Training

-Friendly, non-threatening environment


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